What does traveling give you?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? What does traveling give you? I bet for every single person it will be something completely different. For me it’s time away from home. Time which I can use to think about things with a clear head. It’s like as if I am blocked from real life and […]

How to plan a menu for your travels

Menu? While I am traveling? When m I gonna have time to cook? You probably ask yourself this question and think that I must be crazy. Since I decided to be more aware of what I put in my mouth my thinking and priorities changed completely. I am not saying don’t eat out and spend […]

How to save money while traveling

I bet everyone is asking themselves the same question, how can I save money while traveling, still stay at a nice hotel/accommodation, eat good food etc, but don’t make your bank account completely empty by the time you are back home? I would start with planning my trip early. Majority good deals can be found […]

India, what to take and tips part 2

Poverty and craziness – love not at the first sight! When I first visited India I didn’t love it. I have to be completely honest with you. To me personally it was way too loud, to crowded and too dusty. When you go to country like India you need to make sure you go on […]

India trip – what to take and some tips part 1

            Whatever you thought that India is, once you land and come out from the airport terminal…you will have a shock of your life. I felt as if we got lost and landed in the wrong place. The smell, the noise, the amount of people and random dogs running around is something that you won’t […]

How to pack your suitcase for a short city break?

            Do you always think what to pack before your trip to be totally prepared? In times where we have to pay more for your luggage than for the ticket it’s worth to be organised and have a solid base of things, that will be useful during our trips. My tips will be based on […]

Co zapakowac do walizki na krotka podroz?

Czy zawsze przed wyjazdem zastanawiasz się co ze sobą zapakować, aby być totalnie przygotowana na swój wyjazd? W erze, gdzie musimy płacić więcej za bagaż niż za bilet warto być zorganizowanym i mieć bazę rzeczy, które będą przydatne podczas naszych podroży. Moje rady będą oparte na pakowaniu malej torebki oraz walizki 10kg.             Pominę paszporty, […]

Italica – ideal for GOT fans.

Italica is situated around 7km from Seville. Italica was the birthplace of three Roman emperors – Trajan, Hadrian, and possibly Theodosius. To the Game of Thrones fans is more know from the scenes with dragons! It is a truly amazing place and it has it’s own charm. What I have learned is that there is no […]

The Real Alcazar

ENG My favourite place in Seville is definitely the Real Alcazar. My tip for visiting this beautiful place is to purchase your tickets online. Queues to visit The Real Alcazar are long and time consuming. Save your precious time by purchasing the tickets online and the queuing will take a couple of minutes. We spent […]

Have you ever been to Seville? Czy byliscie kiedys w Sevilli?

PL Ja i moje ulubione krewetki w Sevilli:) jadlam je prawie codziennie podczas naszego pobytu. W nastepnych kilku postach podziele sie z Wami paroma poradami na temat wyjazdu do Sevilli(miejmy nadzieje, ze w tym roku uda sie Wam ja odwiedzic). Rady te, pozwola Wam zaoszczedzic pare groszy i czasu, a tym samym nie bedziecie musieli […]


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